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Thank you for visiting mont petit by petit royal.

I'm a paper composer & illustrator, living in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
Petit royal is a place where my tiny paper creations come alive.
All of my illustrations are one of a kind, and made of traditional Japanese paper.
Every single piece has been cut and pasted by hand.

All the proceeds go to tanemaki project!

Hope you'll enjoy your visit!



Paypal only please.
Shipping cost includes handling, packaging and postage.
6 % VAT will be applied to orders processed within the Netherlands.

Generally your order will be processed within 3-5 working days.
Delivery time depends on destination and preferred method of delivery.
Certified mail and/or Return Receipt Requested is available upon request;
additional charges will apply.
All orders will be carefully packaged in a hard-cover envelope to ensure protection.
International customers bear full responsibility for any customs
and/or import charges that may apply.

No refunds.
In case you are not satisfied with your order, please contact me within 7 days.

Publication and/or multiplication of any of my works, without my prior
written permission, is strictly prohibited.

© All rights reserved to hiyoko imai